Ogilvy & Mather is an international advertising, marketing and public relations agency. The Hartford Business group had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful and unique office in the Canary Wharf financial area (south London).

With the help of: (and many more)

Tom Pinnock : senior consultant

Damayanti Purkayastha : senior planner

Will Harvey : creative technologist

We were all given a warm and hearty welcome, a tour, and a first-hand look at how bright minds create some of the most successful strategies to aid their clients – using the newest technology.





Marble Arch

Walking back to Regents at night can be especially nice if you take the scenic route by Marble Arch on Oxford street. Much nicer than taking the tube during our last few days in London!



Lecturer Christos Gabrielides

It was great to have the opportunity to listen to such an accomplished UHA alumni at Regents! Christos has experience has a CRO and has a wealth of knowledge on the regulatory side of risk. He discussed the importance of the regulatory agencies’ duties to protect consumer interests. This accomplished by continuously checking up on firms business models, ensuring that all of the details and means of profit are accounted for. On the topic of market stability, Christos talked about the fact that there cannot be a stable financial market if there are monopolies or barriers of entry.

Lecturer Caitlin Frost

On Wednesday, we were fortunate enough to listen to Caitlin Frost, a specialist in risk management at renowned institutions Goldman Sachs and Lloyd’s of London. She discussed how risk has different functions across different areas of business. Different types of risks included expected returns, the state of a firm, and market stability.



Prince of Whales

We can generously thank Dr. Coleman and Johnson for picking a great show “The Book of Mormon.” At first, the name may be deceiving but it caught most of us off guard with whitty humor. We were able to share laughs with the group after a hard days work! The venue is riddled with beauty, design, and amazing architecture. Happy to say we were all able to appreciate the theatre in the UK!



Picadilly Circus

Almost like an antique Times Square, Picadilly circus is a hot spot for locals and tourists of London. So much to do! Great restaurants, activities and within walking distance from Chinatown and Soho.